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13211 Memorial

One of the gold standards in retail experiences is Starbucks. At 24,464 stores nationwide (and counting), they have a very structured and detail oriented process for developing a new store.  Developing a building to meet these standards was a challenge we navigated effectively and with relative ease.


The project site was a highly desirable location in Memorial and was very difficult for our clients to acquire.  We made sure to utilize every available square foot to rentable lease space while accommodating the strict guidelines from Starbucks and the City of Houston.  The building was 100% leased 3 months into the construction and has fetched rental rates 2.5 times the average of new retail construction.


The project also required an aggressive construction time-frame of only 6 months.  When the City of Houston traffic department began raising concerns about the project’s impact on local traffic, we stepped up and expeditiously helmed the project through the City without compromising project guidelines or construction timelines.

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