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This high-end, mixed-use development shines with a contemporary facade of white precast and generous planes of high-performance glass.  The project centers around an eleven-story office tower with a grand louvred balcony on the north side as it's crowning element. The clean lines of the envelope feature wood accents with a continuous canopy over a retail zone and glass balcony railings. The east side of the site incorporates a three-story jewel box.  Spanning between the office building and the jewel box is a pedestrian-oriented plaza adjacent to ground floor retail with stone pavers, modern lighting and additional office space above. The public plaza invites a serenity for relaxing and outdoor dining couched in landscaped planters, providing separation from the streetscape.


Key to the design approach of this office building and retail project was the integration of a concealed parking garage with underground parking, spacious balconies on various levels, and high interior ceilings. The building and elevator lobby’s white marble, IPE wood, and stainless steel accents command a clean, modern feel, as do its country club style restrooms. Regions Financial Center is rated LEED Silver.  

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