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This five story, 30,000 square foot office building on Montrose Boulevard with a lovely six story bell tower is inspired by the black and white stone of Sienna’s Duomo.  Italian detailed windows on Sienna stucco with a first floor stone clad base complete the Mediterranean style of this airy Sienese gem.  Graceful and practical, its fresh simplicity and Mediterranean character echo the style of neighboring buildings while providing convenient, attractive office space that is workable and cost effective.


The Museum District area is rapidly developing along with the rest of the city of Houston.  While fast-paced growth often results in badly designed buildings thrown up to accommodate the needs of new and expanding businesses, we are unique in conscientiousness and careful attention to the location of buildings we design,  and the sensitive consideration for the people who use them.  Great works of architecture are monuments to the greatness of cities, institutions, companies and individuals.

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