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coulter & cohen, p.c.

“You had me at hello.” First impressions begin the second you step off the elevator into the lobby of AMCC’s new suite.  Clad in cherry wood paneling and detailed with subtle precision, the suite overtakes you with a sense of confidence and stateliness.  A specialist in construction law, AMCC knows and expects quality work and with only a 30-day construction schedule on the project, we were humbled to hear the following comment:


"After moving into our new offices, we feel as if the law we practice has elevated."


Imagine the impression the firm makes on their clients.  Motorized, hide-away privacy screens in the mediation room, honed limestone floors, down to details as simple as recessed file cabinets, the suite relies on an unobtrusive design and a grounded sense of composure. We wanted every detail to reflect good decision-making, a trait that has come to serve AMCC well. 

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