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churchill room at

the black labrador pub

The Black Labrador Pub has been a Montrose area tradition with its unique ambience and comfortable atmosphere that recreates the warm, inviting setting of a traditional British public house.  Additions and renovations to such a well-loved space must be completed with the utmost care and attention in order to maintain the same atmosphere that clients have grown to love, while adding new conveniences and improvements that will give regulars and new-comers a better overall experience, and allow for a more productive workplace.


Philip Ewald Architecture’s long history of successful design projects for the owner of the Black Labrador, including the renovation of the restaurant’s kitchen area, made the firm the first choice as the interior designer for an expansion to the restaurant.  The owner needed a new space for meetings and private parties that maintained the same theme and atmosphere as the original restaurant while providing groups with a slightly more formal setting.


Our intuitive and tasteful design made this space into a wonderfully convenient, multi-use area that can be easily set-up for vastly different events.  The space maintains the British pub atmosphere of the parent restaurant, while taking on a slightly more gentrified air as a result of subtleties of finishes, details and decoration.  Recalling a simple English restaurant of the early 1900s, with a modest, rustic elegance that is both comfortable and refined, relaxed yet distinctive.  The layout of the area allows large or small groups to conveniently interact in a social or professional setting, while the atmosphere of the room gives each event a significance worthy of its namesake.


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