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Mixed-use medical/retail presents a design challenge when located in a residential setting.  It needs to stand apart from the residential while being in context within its surroundings.  This particular project had a very special site, incorporating an existing lake and positioned at the entrance to a prestigious residential community.  The site was heavily restricted for development, both in terms of look and tenant occupation.  The building’s position and visibility required every side, front and rear, to be aesthetically engaging and complement the surroundings.


The design features an elegantly curved facade, matching the shoreline of the lake.  Finished in cream and tan stucco and cast stone, it’s strong horizontal lines help create a dynamic visual dialogue with motorists on the adjacent Westpark Tollway.


The business side of the building features Tuscan style towers accenting the corners, capped in red clay tile.  The project’s simple yet bold design, in the context of the residential milieu, has been welcomed by the thousands of residents in the community, and the success for tenants who rapidly leased the space.

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