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Upstairs from the Black Labrador Pub lives a haven for hot jazz in the arts district of Houston. Night life in Montrose kicks into high gear every weekend, and Cezanne never lets you down. Some of Houston’s best players serve up music while you dine, imbibe, converse and commune. Cezanne’s has a texture that amplifies the experience of listening to jazz. The venue’s intimacy intensifies your immersion into sound. With walls and ceiling clad in white-washed, salvaged rough-sawn cedar, the space resonates with a warm vintage. The eclectic decore is a companion to the music in transporting listeners to an authentic era as if inside a road worn double bass. Whether sitting at the bar or along a wall, inches from the band, the ambience is cozy yet energetic. The collaboration of sound and space, when perfectly balanced, creates the kind of true intimacy where listeners commune with their environment.

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