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the charity guild of Catholic women

What makes this project so remarkable is the dedication of those who made it happen, twelve devoted women who make a difference.  With a complex program, a tight budget, and no formal development experience, they forged ahead and we are proud to have helped them get there.


The project’s program required a two-story structure, where the first floor’s retail space had to be twice the size of the second story membership area.  The new structure also needed to go up without first removing the existing resale shop, allowing them to continue generating revenues for charity.  Once completed, the new 12,000 square foot retail shop increased their resale revenue by 30%.  The entire project only cost $60 a square foot.  The building’s design adds an unimposing beauty to the surrounding residential neighbourhood and features a quiet chapel.


When approaching good architectural design, we reexamine the notion of value.  Value comes from the heart when making significant differences possible.

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