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p.p.h. ct scan suite

Designing a new CT Scan Suite presents such challenging design constraints in regards to radiation and magnetic field precautions while requiring a design that facilitated cleaning and maintenance. Housing such cutting-edge equipment required the expertise.


One of the most important design elements of this suite is the placement of support equipment in a separate room, hidden from the patient’s view by a series of three frosted glass sliding doors which are ceiling mounted, eliminating the usual unsightly, dust-collecting floor track.  


Our finishes and carefully designed lighting are to create a warm, visually interesting space and a more comfortable atmosphere for patients.  Recessed, dimmable uplighting and dimmable downlighting result in a calm, soothing atmosphere in the CT Scan Room.  While wood grain, welded seamless vinyl flooring adds warmth, and allows for easy cleaning.


Medical technicians’ and doctors’ areas include the Control Room and the Reconstruction Room.  These are separate from but easily accessible to patients' areas, maintaining the comfort level of the patient while providing medical staff with close proximity to patients and equipment.

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