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park plaza  emergency room

Philip Ewald Architecture was chosen as design architect of this state of the art facility for Park Plaza Hospital as a result of our firm’s long-standing, positive relationship with the hospital, a relationship built on a history of inventive and successful designs for this institution.  Our design provided this client with a fully equipped Emergency Department outfitted with a Clinical Observation Unit as well as a highly advanced Monitored Observation Unit that allows patients who have not been admitted to the hospital to be closely monitored to determine the severity of their condition.


The novel design of this unique space facilitated the work of physicians and medical workers, ensured the most comfortable and positive arrangement for patients and families, and also firmly established the hospital’s reputation and renown as an advanced, up to date emergency facility, significantly increasing its emergency room traffic and the hospital’s business as well.  


The construction of this advanced facility resulted in a significant increase in admissions to this for-profit hospital from its Emergency Department: an increase from 3% to 30%, with the revenue from the Emergency Department increasing by 400%.  After the construction of the new department, ambulance drivers opted to take patients to the Park Plaza Hospital Emergency Room knowing that they would have access to the highest quality facilities as well as numerous care options that were unavailable in other Houston emergency rooms.

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