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Exxon v.r. research theater

This 3D virtual reality theater was developed for a major multinational oil company.  The projection uses a 180-degree screen for viewing real-time 3D seismic imagery created by a Silicon Graphics "Godzilla" supercomputer.  Geologists can rapidly explore vast amounts of seismic data for hydrocarbons in a uniquely visual environment.


The seating area and computer stations were designed to take full advantage of the space so that the visual information is available from all areas in the theater.  The multimedia presentation entrance area adjacent to the theater is separated from the supercomputer room by an electroconductive glass partition that allows the client to make the supercomputer visible from the entranceway or to screen it off by causing the glass to become opaque.


This theater is a vital asset to the client that facilitates and expedites research.  It was featured in its owner's important annual report and was being featured in a national television ad campaign.

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