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When it comes to Houston’s best, no one does barbeque like Goode Company.  The secret, however, is not only in the sauce.  They bring an authentic Texas atmosphere to their restaurants that guests come to expect.  We have a history of working with Houston’s best and championed the effort to make Goode Company’s first from-scratch restaurant simply its best.


The narrative we used was; word got out that a local rancher had the best barbeque in the county and before long he was selling it right out of his house located off a long stretch of highway.  Business picked up fast and in order to keep up with the demand he built several additions to accommodate guests, who not only enjoyed the food but the good company.


Much of our design work goes into capturing the style and essence of our client’s character.  In terms of hospitality, we believe architecture is a personification no less important than a fine pair of boots or a weathered cowboy hat.  That’s how we’re able to turn a state of the art restaurant into the art of the State… of Texas!

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