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Who better than the good guys to have a secret underground shooting range and firearms lab. Deep beneath the skyscrapers of downtown Houston lies a brand new facility for the Houston Forensic Science Center. From a functional standpoint, the level of security and safety required to retro-fit both existing and new systems into an extant basement presented a new challenge for our firm. A great deal of research went into ballistic materials and acoustics to create the right kind of space that met a deep spectrum of standards and codes. Much of the project’s state-of-the-art lies within the systems coordination and design, allowing this facility to function discreetly and safely in close proximity to the public. As is often the case with government entities, compromise happens to be the poison pill that plagues the decision making process, compromises which ultimately affect the efficacy of their work. Our firm navigated the mine field of compromises and delivered a space that satisfied all of their needs. Now when they go to work, they feel like superheros.

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