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hunington properties

Creating a corporate workspace requires translation, taking a corporate brand and CEO personality and designing a space that fits. For Hunington, their extensive art collection needed to take center stage.  Traveling throughout the space has an open and expansive feel with the help of glass partitions and doors.  The perspective lines in the space lead to focal points of light and color.  Finishes in stone and wood give off warmth and a neutrality that gives the art a home.


Functionally, the design focuses on interaction, community, and collaboration.  The floor plan incorporates depth and strong direction lines that lead into communal areas.  The large reception area functions aesthetically to welcome visitors as well as a central location of office travel.  The work area occupies an exterior corner of the space with prime views.  Heavy emphasis was placed on “sharing the space” in a way that places as much value on those using the space as the space itself.


Fine art, like a painting, is not only an object, but a record of the artist who created it.  It’s a testament to a process and a person.  Space is more like the canvas in that it needs to reflect the personality and practicality of its occupants.

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