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jacks boathouse

This rustic seaside restaurant greets beachcombers with its classic feel and idyllic charm.  As fishing boats glide by during the day, the sun shines on the outdoor deck area where sun worshippers can gather to take in the magnificent view of the lake.  Designed as a seaside Texas icehouse, the sparkling exterior lights of this charming building are a beacon for sailors and shore-dwellers alike as night falls on Galveston Bay.


From the widow’s walk and cupola perched atop this shore-side retreat, to the use of authentic siding salvaged from demolished Galveston homes, every detail of this building’s design works toward the creation of a unique atmosphere that welcomes both regulars and tourists.  The picturesque surroundings can also be enjoyed from the well-situated interior dining area and the sixty-foot bar at the center.


This building fits perfectly into its rustic surroundings and yet was designed with every comfort and convenience in mind.  Elevated on wooden pilings, the building is raised eleven feet creating a perfect look-out point and giving it the classic air of a shoreside boathouse, as well as meeting the latest Corps of Engineers storm surge regulations.  The layout makes ideal use of the space, with kitchen and other facilities that are spacious and easily accessible, without losing the cosy, intimate atmosphere of a local seaside retreat.

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