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Kelso elementary school

Philip Ewald Architecture's renovation of this small elementary school was part of Houston Independent School District’s Project Renewal. Changes to the school included a new central plant, a new parking lot and the complete renovation of the entrance lobby.  Vital structural repairs were made to the cafetorium and it was given a brand new curtain wall.  New finishes and new exterior paint completed the renovation job giving this Houston school a shining new look that makes it a representative example of the kind of facilities that Houston should provide for its schoolchildren.


Not long after their school received this beautiful facelift, Kelso’s students and faculty got a chance to show off their renovated building to some important guests.  Both President George W. Bush and at the time Secretary of Education nominee Rod Paige visited Houston's Kelso Elementary School on Martin Luther King Day.  Both spoke and visited with children as part of their commitment to improving the nation's schools.  Kelso's outstanding academic achievement and learning environment made it their choice of schools to receive the honorary visit.

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