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lamar highschool

Selected to design the renovations to Lamar High School, one of Houston's most prestigious High School, designed in 1930 in a classic Art Deco style.  The firm was to modernize the building while carefully preserving this important architectural treasure.


The renovation at Lamar is part of an 11 million dollar renovation package which also includes Madison High School and the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, which Philip Ewald Architectural also designed.


The photos feature proposed design for the up-lighting of the limestone map of Texas which will highlight this beautiful example of American Art Deco Architecture.  The front entrance of the school as well as artist’s renderings of new restrooms for the school and classroom upgrades.  Other design work at the school includes a new electronic journalism department, a Fine Arts Wing, and the transformation of the Auditorium into a Performing Arts Center.

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