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The 3.2 million dollar renovation to the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at this important Heights area institution.  This renovation is part of an 11 million dollar renovation package for Houston Independent School District that also includes Lamar High School and Madison High School, and it has transformed this unique magnet school, updating and restoring facilities and applying sparkling new finishes.


The amphitheater has been completely rejuvenated with replacement seating, restoring usability and creating a safe and pleasant place for educational programs, assemblies, and events.  The natatorium has also received a drastic face-lift when it is completely updated and overhauled, as shown in the artists’ rendering at the left, returning this important facility to operable condition.  On top of these important renovations,  mechanical capacities, an exterior walkway, restrooms, HVAC and other interior facilities have been completely renovated, giving students and faculty the modernized and updated facilities that they need to teach and learn successfully.


Educational facilities, particularly specialized schools like the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, require individualized treatment, an expert knowledge of students’ needs, and an understanding of the importance of preserving quality while keeping within a specified budget.  At Philip Ewald Architecture, we are dedicated to providing students and teachers with quality buildings that meet their needs and inspire their imaginations.  

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