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Our client needed a new 50,000 square foot dealership space to house their showroom, offices, and repair facilities.  Our innovative design for the structure is reminiscent of the colourful, streamlined Art Deco movie palaces of the 1930s.


The chrome detailing and colourful tile accents, the rounded forms and smooth curves . . . every detail of the design of this classic building calls to mind the 1930s, the yesteryear of Harley-Davidson lore, when this company was finishing its ascent to the apex of the market, a time when Art Deco design was taking America by storm, influencing even the smallest decorative details of these impeccably designed motorcycles.  The architectural style fits our client's need for an eye-catching building whose design is historically and visually consistent with such a prestigious product and world-famous name.


The large tiled marquis is to hail passers-by from a distance and accented the smooth curve of the facade with trademark Harley-Davidson colours.  An exciting new addition to the Houston architectural scene, this iconic building is quickly becoming a landmark for visitors to our great city.

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