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oil brokerage

Attracting talent can be just as critical as booking clients. In the dynamic, high energy business of the petrochemical trade, every moth has its flame. We designed Oil Brokerage's new Houston office with the kind of flare sure to attract and impress the best and brightest.


Signature to the space is the entry display wall that serves as an art installation inspired by the oil tanker, complete with hand-painted textures and a multi-media port-hole. The floor features a stained concrete homage to the ocean. The social area and conference room reflect relevance and modernism, specifically tailored to incorporate the steel oil drum chairs and engine block coffee table. Every bit of the color, texture, and design of the space exudes vibrance and energy.


Oil Brokerage demonstrates how brand defining style converges within a space, defining a class of its own.  Where character begets character, the creation of this space, with a clear reflection of character, is sure to illuminate for the discerning eye a tantalizing attraction.

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