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the offices at PARK 10

The Offices at Park 10 exemplify a step above the competition.  Developed in a highly competitive office park, the two-phase project is fully leased with the recent second phase building fully leasing almost before construction was finished, all while the surrounding competition struggles for occupancy. Their unique blend of styling and technology help give these buildings their energetic sense of character.


The original six-story, 155,000 square foot professional building constructed in 1999 includes its own three-story garage with parking for 620 cars.  The Phase Two building increased the total project size to 310,000 square feet of office space and included a large extension to the garage with room for 1,230 cars now.  The project's architectural success comes from attention to details that elevate the quality of the lease space without elevating the budget.


Project after project, we have developed consistent results with designing exceptionally well-finished work for deceptively low budgets. The professional beauty and cost efficiency of the Offices at Park 10 make it both an asset to its owner and occupants. There are no shortcuts because good design exists at any price.

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