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park plaza intensive care unit

The intensive care unit at Park Plaza Hospital was designed to provide patients who require intensive, 24-hour care and monitoring with the most up to date facilities and equipment, and to provide hospital staff with the most efficient and effective environment in which to care for these patients.  The layout and design of this unit is vitally important to the health and comfort of the patients, and Creative thinking.  An excellent understanding of the needs of our medical clients and the close working relationship that we maintain with our clients throughout the duration of each project allowed us to transform the existing space into an efficient working environment for the nurses in which intensive care patients are provided with all the necessary amenities.  


The innovative circular layout of the space provides the critical care nurses with an ideal setup for the close observation of and quick accessibility to each patient.  Nurses have the ability to monitor and care for all patients with the latest equipment and technologies while also providing them with ample comfort and privacy.  


Among the services available in the ICU are anti-arrhythmic infusions, transcutaneous pacing, continuous venous-venous hemofiltration, antibiotic therapy and advanced cardiac life support.  Providing for the availability of such amenities to all patients and the critical nature of such care required the understanding of an architect who is not only experienced but flexible and creative in his design.  The result of our design:  a successful hospital, an ideal working environment for its staff, and top of the line care for its satisfied patients.

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