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park plaza laboratory

Park Plaza Hospital hired Philip Ewald Architecture to completely redesign its 8,000 square foot laboratory to provide the hospital with a cutting edge, highly organized space.  The special needs of the hospital required that we design the project in a way that allowed it to be reconfigured in phases and thus allowed the important operations of the laboratory to continue unimpeded during construction.


Creative planning allowed for installation of new equipment and major space redistribution without stoppage of the lab’s operations.  A large wall mounted refrigerator replaced the old lab's numerous consumer grade refrigerators for a more efficient use of space.  The Level Three Biohazard area was placed so as to provide prime containment of hazardous materials and necessary accessibility.


Lighting was reconfigured to increase illumination in key areas, and workspaces were laid out so as to provide technicians with the most comfortable and spacious work areas and easy access to necessary equipment and tools.

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