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silverlake professional center

Located in the thriving suburb of Pearland, Silverlake Professional Center is designed to provide attractive office spaces for medical professionals in a stylish and convenient setting that looks right at home in a principally residential neighborhood.  


The one-story, 10,245 square foot building is designed to allow the owner utmost flexibility in number and size of tenant spaces.  At the same time, the design complies with the rigid deed restrictions of this quiet suburban district full of single-family homes.


The exterior was designed to correspond with the style of the neighborhood.  The elegant dormers provide each tenant with a dramatic entryway into his office space and also correspond with the suburban atmosphere of the area.  


The use of brick and stone finishes and angled roofs contribute to this same look as do the large windows which filter in natural lighting to provide a calm atmosphere ideal for any doctor and his patients.

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