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global trading company

Competing in a global market requires a broad perspective when defining the best of the best. Markets move fast and only the best keep up. In many ways, these players want their headquarters to reflect relevance and success. Here in the energy capital of the world, Houston hosts the best players with the most skin in the game.


Our design goal endeavored to ground the kinetic forces that power the oil trade into a fabric of spatial resilience and panache. Whether an American company or International, corporate space should resonate with currency. Here, we used modern touches of stone, wood, and glass, letting the finishes tell a story of depth and stewardship. Black accent color served as a bold commitment of modernism without overstepping the client's conservative identity. Refined details, such as the conference room lighting and finishes, give the space a strong design quality without seeming excessive or dominating.


Our client wanted a space that functioned as an ambassador in Houston, and reflect their corporate identity. Where many had previously failed, we succeeded in tailoring the perfect fit.

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