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In the ultra-competitive world of high-end cosmetics, image isn’t everything. Brand development requires the cultivation of trust. Sunday Riley has amassed a loyal following of customers who demand substance that is consistent with the image. Designing their corporate headquarters needed to embrace the standards and culture that elevates their brand.


Sunday Riley focuses on facial skin care, carefully formulating products that enhance the natural beauty of the skin, rather than masking it. From a design standpoint, there exists a transparency and simplicity to that philosophy. The floor plan had to function collaboratively without compromising the need for intimate spaces that felt shared. Traditional walls were either avoided or replaced with glass wall systems that preserved the open, collaborative feel. The ability to control and isolate sound within the work areas allowed the space to retain a sense of intimacy.


Aesthetically, the Sunday Riley brand blends a perfect balance of color, transparency, and minimalism in their graphic design. We felt their space needed to do the same. Inspired use of glass, translucency, and minimalism structured around the subtle use of light and color vibrancy created a space that feels unified visually and emotionally with their product.


Relationships form an immutable bond between people, ideas, and cultures. Sunday Riley understood this to great effect in the development of their brand. Their product is an ongoing extension of their commitment to quality and trust. Professionally, our product is no different. We approach every client with a commitment to listen and respond to the character and sensibilities that make every relationship unique.

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