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Owning a recreational vehicle is all about the experience.  Purchasing one should be the wedding.  And like any memorable wedding, the venue plays an important role in forming a positive and powerful relationship.  The team Mancuso Powersports brand intrusted our firm to design not one, but two great locations for them.


The design approach began with an image of post-industrial reclamation, reminiscent of the factories and warehouses left behind. The showroom opens into an expansive, vaulted interior of exposed steel and brick, echoing the scale and character of the era.  Even though the building uses a modern metal building structure, we wanted the traditional steal truss represented as a visual keystone, which we incorporated into the buidling’s generous use of natural light.


The exterior deserves as much attention as the interior. In fact, it commands attention. From the red or blue roofs depending on the location to the horizontally oriented corrugation and mitred corners of galvanized metal siding, this building stands out.

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