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tokio marine hcc

Tokio Marine HCC wanted to make a change and have their space reflect its success today, not 30 years ago.  They own a pair of buildings on a sizeable campus and did not want to move to a new building.  The old space had been done in a 1970’s era heavy oak style, and to some measure, stood as a hallmark of past era leadership.  Philip Ewald Architecture set out to transform the interior of the building, modernizing the look and feel of this very successful insurance company.


The private access reception serves as a transformational centerpiece. The space strikes an expansive impression with its “exploding box” design concept. The primary planes seem to hover inside a field of light, creating a sense of depth and complex dimension.


The finishes incorporate a more traditional feel into the design with suede panel walls, mahogany trim and doors, mesquite flooring, and floating granite monument.  The diffuse lighting and color scheme are balanced around a warmth and energy that is both serene and inviting. As a whole, the space carries forward the spirit of its success into a future that feels limitless.


The herculite entry further expands the feel of the space, bringing in the building’s two-story atrium and an array of light from the sky-lights. One is left with the impression that the company’s reach goes beyond these walls.

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