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washington mutual bank

Once the fastest-growing community in Texas, this bank building represents a revolutionary retail concept and a completely new way of banking.  The owner, Yancey-Hausman, developed this prototype retail concept to meet the requirements of Washington Mutual’s new “Occasio” program for teller-less banking.  Through the use of freestanding, self-service computer kiosks, the “Occasio” program eliminates the need for tellers and the traditional teller line, allowing bank employees to concentrate on customer service.   We worked closely with Washington Mutual’s Design Forum to forge this new banking concept and corporate philosophy into a concrete and steel reality.  


This lovely 7,000 square foot building with its all-stone exterior and convenient three-lane rear drive-through was built for extreme efficiency but also to meet the strictest of regulations.  Located near Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall’s extensive zoning and environmental requirements demanded architects to gain an architectural control committee and zoning approval.  


Meeting this community’s strict requirements while also giving the owner a cost-effective, efficient building was a challenge that we met with our usual innovative problem-solving, one-on-one involvement with the client, and excellent communication and relations with the community.

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