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westbury high school

Our 11.5 million dollar renovation of Westbury High School added new life to what had been an ageing 1961 Houston Independent School District high school.  We added fresh colour and finishes, a new central plant, and a new roof among other numerous renovations.  We gave new energy and dynamism to the school buildings, rejuvenating the facilities to match the spirit the principal, faculty and students have for their old school.


We examined and repaired all areas of the school, adding everything from new motorized bleachers in the gym to a new sound and lighting system for the auditorium.  After our careful inspection led to the discovery of serious structural defects in one of the original three story buildings, we saw to its demolition.


The new wing and other plans by the district for the area are not just changing the school:  they have caused the rebirth of a whole neighbourhood.  We truly believe in the possibility of projects such as this one to change lives by improving living and working environments.

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