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WILD BASIn point

Located on the scenic Wild Basin Creek and nature preserve in Austin, Texas.  The pair of three-story buildings provides 160,000 square feet of premium office space.  The project also included a convenient underground parking garage.


Wild Basin Point is itself a magnificent prospect.  The two buildings compliment each other with their contrasting reflective glass and stucco and complex series of angled wings.


The highly lauded project was named BOMA international’s “The Office Building of the Year” in 1991.  Both buildings also received the Xeriscape Award from the City of Austin, with One Wild Basin placing first in 1986 and Two Wild Basin placing second in 1988.


The design of this building takes utmost advantage of the scenic surroundings creating a worker-friendly environment that stimulates productivity and keeps tenants satisfied while remaining a lasting investment for the owner.  With spectacular views from each suite, impeccably designed interiors, and a creative architectural design, Wild Basin Point defines natural distinction.

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