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Yoga works

Not every space is sacred, but there are special places that need to communicate on a spiritual level. Yoga endeavors to cultivate serenity through mindfulness and exercise. Environment plays a vital role in this process, requiring a calm communal space. Yoga Works boasts one the country’s largest experts in yoga instruction with studios in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and Houston to name a few.


Yoga Works wanted to expand their Houston studio, but their congregation was nervous. They'd all come to identify with their old space and the idea of something new seemed perilous. It was our task to design a new studio that met their expansion program, while preserving the character and feel of their previous space. We bent over backwards in designing a space that seemed familiar, yet comfortably new.


The new studio features flexible practice rooms with humidity control to accommodate “hot” yoga and movable partitions for larger mass congregations. The reception area includes a warm retail area that integrates seamlessly within the spirit of the studio. LED light wands suspended from the exposed ceiling and arranged in dynamic randomization draw the space away from the symmetry of corporate life and toward the organic comforts of a nest. The relocation wasn't so much of a stretch after all.

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